nursing home business for sale

nursing home business for sale

CUMBERLAND – The determination whether or not to trade the Allegany County Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center could be retarded by 2 weeks or more.

County Commissioner Bob Hutcheson said Wed there’s no more hard timeline to make a nursing home business for sale decision. Functionaries last month had guessed to determine by June 30. However, the following commission meeting is July 8. Regular Th meetings are regular for July 17 and 24.

“I estimate it could occur any of those business dates,” Hutcheson said about a decision being attained. “I’d say by the mid or end of following month, but that’s just speculation on my part.”

Hutcheson appeared as if he had be stormed if the county chose not to trade the ease to the suitable nursing home business for sale purchaser.

“I can’t see any actual cause to remain in the nursing home trade,” he said.

He said the original mission of the nursing home was to support long-run health care to those who could not give it. At present, however, healthcare alternatives are abundant – making the trade much more magnetic to a nonpublic venture.

Paul Kelly, one of five appendages who formed Allegany healthcare Group LLC, Cumberland, said his group – one of six companies that’s showed a remained concern in buying the ease – has been questioned double since mid-May and a site visit has been conducted at one of the appendage concerns in Garrett County.

County business sale lawyer Bill Rudd, on the three-person committee that’s conducting the interviews and site visits, was inaccessible for comment. Committee appendages David Eberly, acting county business decision maker, and Jason Bennett, of the finance section, were out Wed on a site visit.

The trio has passed the final few weeks conducting many audiences with every of the staying concerned companies who’s kept going to express concern in buying the ease. Hutcheson said it takes quite a bit of time for the county – one of just three counties in Maryland that keeps going to possess and run a nursing home – to assure a fine conclusion is attained.

“That’s why we are having them do all the search and legwork,” Hutcheson said.

Jerry Frantz, county manager of finance, told the legwork was “time well-spent.”

“We have employees and we have patients,” Frantz said. “This Is not all about cash.”

Hutcheson, also, showed an interest for the nursing home’s patients and closely one hundred sixty employees and their union representation.

“As far as we can, we would like to protect the nursing home business for sale employees,” Hutcheson told.

He said he could “almost assure” that a corporation with a design to “wipe out all the employees and begin anew” wouldn’t be capable to acquire the trade.

“Weren’t out to harm someone or out to have them miss their jobs,” he said.

Commissioner Dale Lewis did not appear convinced Wed that a sale is of necessity the correct matter. He told he stayed interested that the nursing home is stay continued it is original mission of caring for the indigent. He said he would in person meet with the corporation he felt finest suited to possess the ease. Like Hutcheson and Frantz, he showed an interest for the benefit of the employees.

The nursing home has experienced major capital shortfalls in every of the last several yrs. The ease was more than $1 million short of breaking even in financial 2005. A yr past, the home was closely $750,000 in the red.

Frantz said he requires the no for this financial year, which lasts Mon, to be lower of a loss than 2007. Official no will not be possible for a different week or so, he said.

The a different five nursing home business for sale Corporations in the mix are: The Lions Center for Rehabilitation and Extended Care, Cumberland; North Bay wellness Associates LLC, Miami, Fla.; Total Health Care Resources – Eastern Iraqi National Congress., Dresher, Pa.; Neiswanger direction aids LLC, Hyattsville; and GC healthcare direction Iraqi National Congress., Lonaconing.