business opportunity directory Malaysia

business opportunity directory Malaysia

Are you seeking for data regarding a trade chance for retailing in malaysia?

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MALAYSIAN license relationship

Greetings from the Malaysian Franchise Association,

It is no clandestine that permitting has become the quickest and most effectual expanding way of trade invasion worldwide. noticing this, MFA as one with it members struggle to harmonize the government’s labors in underneath the contract expansion behaviors in business opportunity directory Malaysia .

as the making of MFA (in 1994), different plans have been carried out in supplying data and help to the industry, listing learning and training, explore, chances business opportunity directory workshops, license International Malaysia Exhibition & Conference, deal missions, results, prizes etc.

MFA resumes supplying our members and concerned public at huge with recent data on permitting in Malaysia and internationally. This year, we are arrogant to initiate to you, the merely doorway tailor-made to allowing in Malaysia – the Malaysia permission Portal. It is in the anticipation that this gateway will aid making an avenue in linking the opening between the business directory, government and municipal at fat. Through operations such as license book directory, discussion, connections and news, business opportunity visitors Malaysia are revealed to world of chances in licensing listing in progress news, activities and several more at your finger tips.

So, I look forward to that this porch will be very helpful, not only for accessible permission dramatis personae, but also to others who maybe studying in embarking on licensing as a money-making and low jeopardy commerce occupation.

last of all, it allows me immense happiness to welcome all firms to the Malaysia Franchise business opportunity Portal and anticipate that you will locate this gateway educational directory.

apparition & goals


To be the first hauler showing the permission organization towards understanding Malaysia’s image to be the Regional Hub for permitting.

1. To link the affiliates directory in view of securing their attention
2. To grow and secure the view of permitting and support principled trade carry out
3. To hold up the government’s endeavor in supporting Bumiputra’s straight and energetic association in permitting

The chief aims of MFA are to:

1. prepare and enhance norms of principled trade business opportunity amid members.
2. behave as a registry for data pertaining to license trade functioning directory or incline to function within the country.
3. manage and proffer didactic courses, seminars and presentations specially sloping to franchising material.
4. embark on promotional actions to sponsor permitting as a thriving marketing trade conception.
5. supply input and mediate with regime sections and / or agencies on issues concerning permitting and its submission.
6. Behave as a debate for swap of skills and proficiency amid members.
7. institute and keep associations with complement association internationally.
8. advance and preserve business opportunity affiliations with restricted industry operation organizations in lieu of providers, vendors and service manufacturing all in all.
9. support license industry and speculation duties to other places.
10. congregation international license trade and speculation missions and help out in publishing them with the probable in business opportunity directory Malaysia